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CH Harmony's Walk Like A Man


Harmony's Stinkin' Ritz 

CH Hill Country's Baby, I'm A Ritz Man Palace's Ritz Man-Poor Man Livvy's Letz Pugalong Baby Mianda's Rolling Stone Mianda's Raleigh Gentleman
CH Mianda's Southern Sunshine
CH Glory's Moonstruck Whimsy Glory's Moonstruck Hurricane
CH Glory's Fantasy Cheyenne
CH Glory's Fantasy Sumbunnyluvsu CH Charlamar's Rodeo Rabbit CH Charlamar's Indian Scout
CH Charlamar's Briana
CH Glory's Cherokee Of Fantasy CH Charlamar's Indian Scout
CH Glory's Sadie Hawkins
Maskarade's Catch Me  If You Can CH Maskarade's Thrill Ride CH Bowtie's Cruzin' The Circuit CH Shorline's Batteries Not Included
CH Rosanna Danna From Mianda
Maskarade's Make Bell Eve Maskarade's Dream Catcher
CH Maskarade's Bellair To Atlantis
Maskarade's D' Blonde Bombshell Maskarade's Dream Catcher Bayhill\s Maximillian O'Maskarade
Maskarade's Tickle Me Silly
Maskarade's Hot Shot CH Shijo's Smokin Gun
CH Atlantis' Island Girl
GCH Hill Country-Harmony's A Whole New World CH Hill Country's Yaba Daba Doo CH Emerald's Armed And Dangerous CH Westin Pull My Trigger CH Shorline's Pumpkin Bumpkin
CH Magi Westin Myty
CH Emerald's Happily Ever After CH Bay Leaf's That Man Of Mine
CH Delcrest Cat Dancing
Dulittle's Hill Country Blossom CH Dulittle's On Wings As Eagles CH Coral Bay's Jolly Roger
CH Pern-Dulittle's Dragon Lady
Dulittle's Hurricane Rita CH Wind Valley Gaudium Dragon
CH Dulittle's Flirtin' With Fire
Hill Country's Night At the Roxbury CH Treasure's Rise N Shine CH Maskarade's Peep N Tomm CH Delcrest Bound For Glory
CH Atlantis' Island Girl
CH Treasure's Cause For Pause CH Maskarade's One To Treasure
CH Treasures On The Eve O Glory CD
CH Hill Country's I Hope You Dance CH Emerald's Armed And Dangerous CH Westin Pull My Trigger
CH Emerald's Happily Ever After
Dream's Precious Texas Angel Dreams Heza Pistol
Dreams Precious One


Frankie: N/S

Fifi: N/N

CERF and OFA Testing (required breed specific testing) will be completed after 12 months of age. Hips at 24 months.